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The Complete Musician
Violin Book Four – The Major Keys

Book 4 of the Complete Musician includes songs and literature in all major keys to four sharps and four flats. It also contains a sound-to-sight approach for discovering the key signatures of those keys.

The book may be used in both the singing musicianship class and the instrumental private lesson or group class.

The intent is to give students enough quality material and varied musical experiences to aid them in mastering each key, both in understanding intervalic structure and translating that knowledge to violin fingerings. Students write a two-octave scale for each key, above which the teacher can add the desired fingerings.

A smooth transition from vocal (singable) music to instrumental (non-singable) is obtained with the inclusion of songs, dances and short solos with piano accompaniment. Canons, duets and trios are added to provide much needed ensemble experience within the learning sequence. This can be accomplished in either the homogeneous group class, or one with mixed instruments. Trios which do not lend themselves to performance by homogeneous instruments are written for mixed instruments; ie: violins and cellos.

There is a variety of musical styles included, so as to address the need for stylistic development and exposure to more advanced bow strokes. Emphasis is placed on eighteenth century dance forms, from which a study of meter, rhythm and tempo can be derived. Many of the pieces are particularly suitable for early vibrato development.

At the end of the book is a chart of the Circle of Fifths with activities through which students can gain the understanding they need of how the keys relate to each other. It is assumed teachers will use this chart as a reference as each new key is introduced. Following the traditional Circle of Fifths chart is another circle of keys which gives another perspective as an aid to learning.

With such an in-depth study of keys and key signatures, it is hoped that students will achieve a level of music literacy which makes all other music literature and study materials more accessible. The next step in students’ understanding, of course, will be a study of the minor keys and key signatures which is the subject of Book 5 of the Complete Musician.

A companion to this volume will be the piano accompaniment book for various solos and other works which require it.

8.5 by 11 inches, 88 pages, spiral bound

Price per copy $14.95
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