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"I wish my mom had made me practice!"

At last, for less than the price of one music lesson, you can access the time-tested secrets that will:
  • help your child persevere through the difficult  times
  • become successful as a musician
  • learn to read and enjoy music
  • develop a bond between parent and child rather than cause contention
  • develop your child's self-discipline and confidence
  • maximize the return on your investment in music lessons

  • When we took this book to the printer, he said "I wish my mother had had this book when I was young!"

    In addition to the practice book, which applies to any instrument or voice, check out "The Complete Musician" series designed to help your string players learn to read music and understand musical form and theory. Not just understand them, but internalize them so that they can look at the page and hear the music in their heads.

    "The Complete Musician" is based on the vision of Zoltán Kodály. It works well as a stand-alone program or as a supplement to other methods, including Suzuki. It complements the Kodály singing curriculum which is receiving world-wide acclaim.

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